Environmental Field Services

GemChem’s licensed and certified environmental professionals help our client's with their specific environmental requirements.


GemChem, Inc. can provide groundwater monitoring well installations, monitoring and sampling of wells and cost effective groundwater remediation services. We offer state of the art innovation design and implementation based on the project needs.


GemChem, Inc. can provide sub-surface soil investigations, sampling and cost effective contaminated soil remediation services on-site or off-site.

Storage Tanks

GemChem, Inc. provides storage tank management services for removal of underground storage tanks (UST) as well as removal of above ground storage tanks (AST).

Asbestos & Lead Paint

GemChem, Inc. offers asbestos and lead paint identification as well as abatement services of asbestos and lead paint.

Site Assessments

GemChem, Inc. provides Phase I, II, III Environmental Site Assessments for commercial and industrial sites.