Maritime Security

Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) is a set of regulations that can be found in 33 CFR Parts 101 to 106. These regulations are enforced by the United States Coast Guard, a Department of Homeland Security. GemChem, Inc. specializes in the facilities section of the regulations, Part 105. The following entities are subject to Part 105:

  • Facilities subject to 33 CFR parts 126, 127, or 154;
  • Facility that receives vessels certificated to carry more than 150 passengers, except those vessels not carrying and not embarking or disembarking passengers at the facility;
  • Facility that receives vessels subject to the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, chapter XI;
  • Facility that receives foreign cargo vessels greater than 100 gross register tons;
  • Facility that receives U.S. cargo vessels, greater than 100 gross register tons, subject to 46 CFR chapter I, subchapter I, except for those facilities that receiver only commercial fishing vessels inspected under 46 CFR part 105; or
  • Barge fleeting facility that receives barges carrying, in bulk, cargoes regulated by 46 CFR chapter I, subchapters D or O, or Certain Dangerous Cargoes.

Facility Security Officer (FSO) Training

GemChem, Inc. offers Facility Security Officer (FSO) Training for either groups or individuals. For groups, our trainer will come to your location of choice and individuals have the choice to come to us.

33CFR105.205 states that the FSO must have general knowledge, through training or equivalent job experience. GemChem, Inc. provides training for someone with little to no knowledge to allow them a base foundation to become a facility security officer.

Our training is tailored to be specific to the duties you are expected to perform at your facility.

The trainer is a former United States Coast Guard inspector that uses their knowledge and experience to ensure you have the understanding and resources to succeed as a facility security officer.

Facility Security Plan (FSP)

GemChem, Inc. has written and revised facility security plans for a wide range of maritime industry professionals. Whether it is an oil refinery, container port, cruise ship terminal, or bulk cargo, GemChem, Inc. has the created uniquely tailored facility security plans that fits that facilities own need. We work closely with the facility to ensure the facility security plan is a plan that the facility feels comfortable using on a daily basis. It is a plan that is created specifically for your facility.

We will create the facility security assessment (FSA) and provide the CG-6025 form.

You get the experience of a former United States Coast Guard facility inspector that reviewed facility security plans from their initial inception in 2004.

Once a facility security plan is approved by the United States Coast Guard it is valid for 5 years. Each 5 years a new or revised facility security plan must be resubmitted to the United States Coast Guard. GemChem, Inc. will assist in the revision of the facility security plan and the other supporting documents that must accompany it.

Personnel with Security Duties Training

GemChem, Inc. provides security training for facility personnel with security duties. This training covers applicable topics under 33CFR105.210. GemChem, Inc. will provide the training at your location of choice. This training is acceptable for both large and small groups. This training is ideal for security officers as either a refresher training or their first experience in maritime security.

Annual Audits

GemChem, Inc. provides a third party annual audit to facilities that meets the requirements of 33CFR105.415.

An annual audit must be completed annually, beginning one year from the initial date of approval of the facility security plan (FSP).

The auditor is a former United States Coast Guard facility inspector that performs the annual audit the same way a United States Coast Guard annual inspection is conducted.

The audit includes a complete review of all security related documents, assistance purging unnecessary files, and a walk through of the entire facility. Our goal is to provide a cost effective solution to keep your facility in compliance while improving your facilities overall security.