Waste Transporter

GemChem, Inc. is a licensed hazardous, universal and, non-hazardous waste transporter. We are licensed to transport hazardous and non-hazardous waste in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. Our transporting activities are primarily to support the services we provide to our customers. GemChem, Inc. can handle you transportation needs regardless of the type of equipment; a sealed roll-off, bulk tanker, full trailer loads or less than a truckload.

Our goal it to satisfy your needs. Let us know the type of transportation equipment you require.

Transporter License Numbers

  • Pennsylvania
    • PA-AH 0259
    • WH0152
  • Maryland
    • HWH 572
  • Delaware
    • DE-HW-0503
    • DE-SW-0983
  • Ohio
    • UPW-0329728-OH