Waste Transportation

Our transporting activities are primarily to support the services we provide to our customers. We will pick up and transport waste from our customer's facility for proper processing, storage, or disposal.

GemChem, Inc. is a licensed hazardous and residual waste transporter in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. We transport all waste in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. GemChem, Inc. strictly follows all EPA & DOT Regulations regarding labeling, marking, placarding, & proper containers.

GemChem, Inc. can handle your transportation needs regardless of the type of equipment; a sealed roll-off, bulk tanker, vacuum truck, full trailer loads or less than a truckload.

Transportation of Hazardous Waste

GemChem, Inc. will manage the transportation process at the time of pick up until it is brought into our facility in Lititz, PA and, has then reached the final TSDF. We operate a Permitted 10-Day Hazardous Waste In-Transit Storage Facility (EPA ID#–PAD009439662) to properly maintain waste until the time of shipment to an approved TSDF facility to treat, recycle, or dispose of the hazardous waste.

We provide and utilize hazardous waste manifests to properly track the waste when we pick at our customer’s location until it reaches the TSDF.

Before transporting, GemChem, Inc. will assure properly packaged and safely/securely seeled containers are affixed with labels on each drum/package in accordance with the Department of Transportation regulations on hazardous materials under 49 CFR part 172. Our drivers are trained and licensed for handling hazardous waste. Each employee driving has completed HazWoper and DOT training annually.

Our trucks are properly placarded according to DOT Regulations when transporting any hazardous waste. Our Pennsylvania hazardous waste transporter license number is PA-AH0259

Transportation of Non-Hazardous (Residual) Waste

GemChem, Inc. will manage the transportation process of residual/non-hazardous, and universal waste from the time of pick up until it is brought into our processing facility in Lititz, PA.

We provide and utilize Non-Hazardous waste manifests and BOL’s to properly characterize the waste when we pick at our customer’s location. Additionally, GemChem, Inc. will supply the appropriate waste labels for each container, drum, tote, etc that clearly identifies the waste stream.

Our Pennsylvania residual waste transporter license number is WH0152.